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Guzheng Instructor

Wensi Zhang is a highly skilled and passionate Guzheng teacher with a deep love for Chinese culture and music. Her journey with the Guzheng began at the tender age of 9 when she first witnessed a mesmerizing performance by one of her classmates. It was at that moment that Wensi's fascination with the Guzheng was sparked, igniting a lifelong dedication to mastering the instrument.

Under the guidance of renowned Guzheng performer and educator, Mdm Guan Jie, Wensi honed her skills and immersed herself in the rich tradition of the instrument. She actively participated in
numerous competitions and performances from a young age, gaining valuable experience and refining her craft.

In 2015, Wensi embarked on a new chapter in her musical journey by pursuing a master's degree in the United States. During her time there, she actively engaged in cultural activities, showcasing the beauty of the Guzheng to local audiences. This experience served as a catalyst, fueling her desire to share Chinese culture and the Guzheng with a wider audience.

As a teacher, Wensi exudes enthusiasm and strives to instill that same passion in her students. She believes in cultivating not only performance skills but also a strong foundation in basic Guzheng techniques. Wensi encourages her students to express themselves through body gestures, effectively bringing their music to life.

Understanding the diverse musical tastes of her students, Wensi incorporates both modern and traditional music into her classes. By customizing her lessons to suit each student's preferences
and unique characteristics, she ensures a personalized learning experience that resonates with her students on a deeper level.

Entry-level: classes offer to learn Guzheng basic skills and learning how to read music sheets and practice short music.

Mid-level: intensive skills practicing and learn the higher-level music.

Higher-level: Learning customized music after discussion and enriching the music performance.

You could check my videos by below link, let's learn and improve together.

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