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Director of Jazz Study

Bin Wang graduated from Composition Department of Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 2010 with a bachelor's degree from Associate Professor Xing Xiaolin. In the same year, he was admitted to Tianjin Conservatory of Music for postgraduate study in the direction of work analysis, with Professor Chen Lechang.
At school, he focused on jazz music research and performance, and formed the Blue Space Jazz Quartet. In June 2009, he participated in the Roland China Tour as the keyboard player and performed with the famous composer Bian Liunian. In October 2010, served as the keyboard player in the closing ceremony of Tianjin International Music Festival. In October 2011, cooperated with the famous Broadway musician St. Louis, participated in the rehearsal and performance of the international first Broadway magic musical 《Joker's Game》, and acted as the jazz keyboard player. In August 2012, he participated in Tianjin International Jazz Festival and performed with many international first-class jazz bands and won the title of outstanding actor. In November of the same year, on behalf of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, participated in the exchange performance of "China's First Jazz Seminar" sponsored by Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and won the Band Performance Award. The paper "On the Jazz Features in the Works of George Gershwin" was published in the national first-class journal "Educational Research" in January 2013 and was awarded the first prize.
In 2014, Tianjin Baihua Literature and Art Publishing company    published  his personal book 《Basic Theory and Analysis of Jazz Improvisation》. In 2015, he immigrated to Las Vegas to continue his research, performance and teaching of jazz music. There were thousands of online students, and he performed and recorded with many local jazz masters in Las Vegas. To continue to promote the development of jazz and dissemination of jazz culture .

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